What’s Toob Loob?

Toob Loob is the only odorless, tasteless, non-toxic and biodegradable water pipe joint lubricant on the market. Simply apply a small amount of Toob Loob around the joint of your glass on glass bowl and downstems and re-apply between cleanings. Treat your pipe right and enjoy the benefits of a well lubed tube.

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Toob Loob was created in response to the emerging use of scientific ground glass joints in water pipes. In a lab setting, a thin layer of grease is applied to the joint to prevent glass grinding and frozen joints. Grease is not appropriate for water pipes due to its toxic nature, so we developed an all natural, human friendly alternative. With regular use of Toob Loob you can stop worrying about stuck joints and the resulting damage to your favorite glass-on-glass pipe.